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The following video clips (see links below) were compiled from a Community Forum sponsored by the Community Coalition for Rhinebeck Youth and held in the Rhinebeck High Auditorium, November 18, 2010.  Our panel of experts discussed underage drinking and drug use and answered questions from an audience of over eighty people.  We ran out of time, as usual, and are thinking of having smaller groups for discussions in people’s homes.  What do you think? 

Dr. Diane Kantaros, Board Certified Internal Medicine with Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine.  Prescription drug use, particularly opiates, on the rise in our area. Important for parents to talk to their children and make them aware that there are different degrees of risk associated with different substances. Highly addictive substances, including heroin, are on the rise, and a chance encounter can have disastrous results.

Dr. Edwin Davenport, Rhinebeck High School Principal. Offers the school perspective including a focus on both prevention and counseling for those who are using substances.  Talks about the increased risks associated with poor choices for this generation of young people.

Elaine Trumpetto, MA, Executive Director Council on Addiction Prevention & Education of Dutchess County.  Looks at substance use from the county wide perspective. Discusses the new demographic of young people in jail due to the increased drug use, particularly opiates.

Eric Benjamin, Forensic Investigator for the DC Medical Examiners Office, investigates sudden, violent, & suspicious deaths to determine cause.  Drugs and alcohol can contribute to the destruction of young lives – don’t become a statistic.

Dr. Julia Eilenberg, Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist Currently in Private Practice in Rhinebeck.  Reviews risk factors which contribute to youth substance use and abuse.

Mary O’Haire, Rhinebeck Parent and Nurse. Hard-won, honest wisdom from the parent of a straight A student and gifted athlete who survived cocaine addiction.

 Pierrette Farber, LMHC, MPS, Youth & Family Counselor & Associate Director, Liberty Behavioral Management Corp. An in-depth look at drug trends in our area.  Questions the often accepted idea of “recreational drug and alcohol use” among our children; are there alternative ways to socialize? The rise in dopamine levels caused by drugs can result in an inability to feel happy or joyful by other means, resulting in a cycle of dependence. 

Dr. David Fenner, Board Certified Pediatrics & Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Children\’s Medical Group Pediatrician and A Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Twenty five years experience treating children & teens in Dutchess County has given Dr. Fenner a unique perspective on teen substance use, the culture in different schools, and the cycles of drugs and alcohol in our community.



 Thanks to Ricardo Gutierrez de Zubiaurre and Nick Guccione for filming the presentations and editing the content for the web site.


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