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Dear Anne,

One person dies every 19 minutes from a drug overdose in the United States and that trend is being driven by prescription (Rx) painkillers. 

But we have the power to stop the epidemic of teen medicine abuse.

As both a school nurse and a mom, I’m in a unique position to see, first hand, the issues and temptations that kids face every day. It’s my job to talk about difficult topics with my students and their parents, and this is one of them. And I know how profoundly medicine abuse can wreak havoc on the lives and families of teens.

That’s why I joined The Partnership at last September to help launch The Medicine Abuse Project, where there are free tools to help both you and your school curb teen medicine abuse.

These ready-to-use resources inform parents, students and educators about the serious risks of teen prescription drug and over-the-counter cough medicine abuse and provide steps on how to take action to help teens avoid this dangerous behavior.

with the educators in your life.

I’ve made the committment to do my part: educate myself, my kids and the students and families I work with day in and day out. Join me, and together, lets cut teen medicine abuse in half by 2017.

Peggy McKibbin
Nurse and Mom
The Partnership at

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