Rhinebeck Middle School Promotes Healthy Decision Making

Working together with the Middle School Principal and PTSO members Janet Sistare and Catherine Pietrow, our Coalition is helping promote healthy decision making with students in grades 6-8.

Dr. David Fenner, a local pediatrician and friend to our Coalition, met with Rhinebeck Middle School faculty and staff last month to discuss student health and safety, including risks from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

June 7th, Suzanne Button, Ph.D., Mary Nichols ABD Clinical Psychologist, and Megan Barbera, LCSW, will facilitate small group discussions with 8th grade students.  The goal is to give students an opportunity to hear from, and speak with, health care professionals regarding their transition to the high school. This is a follow up to the Health and Wellness Day groups, where students asked forthright questions they might not feel comfortable asking a teacher or parent.

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