In the days and weeks ahead, the Community Coalition for Rhinebeck Youth will be providing information, resources and calendar events which are important to the health and well-being of our youth community. We appreciate your willingness to work within the ambiguity and complexity inherent to addressing the problem of underage substance use. We have successfully brought together diverse community leaders, parents, and educators and have been inspired to see how deeply people care about this issue.

We view our Coalition not as another new program, but as a new approach to change, one which may take years for its impact to be fully realized, but wich eventually has the potential to yield benefits far beyond the scope of this single issue.

We anticipate new leaders emerging who will progressively assume areas of responsibility within this initiative. We are prepared for controversy and know that resolution can be challenging, but ultimately is a reflection of how passionate people are about the health and safety of young people in our community.

A “community buzz” has replaced the silence that surrounded the issue of teen substance use and we welcome your ideas and feedback.

Sincere thanks to Graham Hanson, Rhinebeck Parent and Graphic Designer, for graciously donating his time to design this web site for our Coalition. Graham is generous beyond measure and a lot of fun to work with!

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